Is a great Perth Will lawyer really necessary?

Recent research found that a stagging 50% of all Australians don’t have a legal Will. “But my affairs are simple! I don’t need a Will!” Is that really true, though? Are the best Will lawyers Perth can offer really not that useful after all?

Will lawyers Perth – Do I need one?

Even those who do recognise the need for a Will might be looking for a fast, cheap and easy way to get one up and running. “Can’t I just write it down and get a JP to witness it? Surely that’s good enough!”

Or do you need the best Will lawyer Perth and beyond can offer?

Will Lawyers Perth - DTS Legal

What you need to know:

1. Do I need a Will?

“I’m going to die and I don’t care what happens afterwards!” Unfortunately, even if this is something you might say, you don’t really mean it. If you don’t have one, your assets and estate will be distributed in a way that you might not have imagined.

2. Is my Will legal?

Got a Will already? Are you sure it’s legal? To be passed fit as a legally binding document, your Will has to meet certain criteria. And if you have no idea, it might be a good time to check it over with a team of great Will lawyers Perth clients have recommended to you.

3. What’s in a Will?

We all know that normal things like houses, cars and cash are included in that Will, but you can even include shares, valuable jewellery, and sentimental assets like gifts that family members might dispute. Your Will should also take into consideration any loans and liabilities.

4. Anything else I need to know?

Did you know that if you have an existing Will, the experienced team at DTS Legal can check it over for you and if necessary amend it so that it meets WA requirements? We’re not only knowledgeable, we understand the sensitivity involved around death and how to guide you through the process. so get in touch today for all of your legal needs or call us at +618 9272 2799