5 reasons why you need a great strata property lawyer in Perth

Let’s face it: sometimes even the experts find strata issues difficult. So if you’re struggling to get your head around those levies, by-laws and legislation, you should consider looking for the strata property lawyer Perth clients always trust.

Why is strata property law complicated?

Basically, a strata scheme means that multiple owners can all own their properties within the same building or property. And that means there are sometimes disputes, the need to revise the rules, or something else entirely that needs legal attention.

So whether you’re a developer or just a strata owner, you should consider getting a great strata property lawyer in Perth. Make sure they combine knowledge with experience, help you understand your rights, empower you fulfil your obligations, give you great advice, and much more.

Strata Property Lawyers Perth - DTS Legal

Strata property lawyer Perth – some common situations

1. A developer

Perhaps you’re a property developer and you’re building a strata complex. The setup is different to a normal house and the strata property lawyers Perth developers trust understand all the special rules and regulations. The legal complications can be complex, including the need for approvals and contracts.

2. A strata scheme

Simply knowing how to lodge a strata scheme application with the local council can be difficult. Then you need to enshrine by-laws so that the strata scheme functions smoothly – and a strata lawyer can really help.

3. By-laws

As suggested above, the by-laws are the rules that make a strata scheme run smoothly. They could govern noise, parking or behaviour, and residents are bound to obey them or face fines. The by-laws can be amended or new ones added, and the most skilled strata property lawyer Perth can offer will handle all residential, commercial or even industrial schemes.

4. Repairs

Most strata schemes feature certain common property, and when it becomes damaged, who pays for what can be difficult to determine. A strata lawyer knows how to review the strata plan and any terms and conditions so that the right bills are written.

5. Disputes

Whether it’s loud music or an ongoing argument about a tricky by-law, strata corporations are often dealing with disputes. A great strata property lawyer can provide exactly the right legal advice so that everyone understands their rights and responsibilities.

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