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* At DTS Legal, our Family Lawyers in Perth, their resources, experience and skills can guide you through every area of family law

* Are you in a marriage, a de facto or same-sex relationship?

* Are children, property or investments involved?

At DTS Legal, our Family Lawyers in Perth are proud of being among WA’s best specialists in every aspect of family law. Our team of knowledgeable lawyers can represent and advise you through separation, divorce and delicate custodial matters.

No matter the dispute or the complexity of your circumstances, we have the resources, experience and skills to achieve the best possible outcome in the most efficient way. As a small law firm with a clear focus on our clients, we ensure our legal representation is both personalised and affordable.

Navigating family law issues can be an emotional and difficult time, causing significant disruption to you and your family’s life, especially children. The team at DTS Legal understands the impact of separation and divorce, and that peace of mind, empathy and respect can be just as important as receiving the absolute highest levels of professional service.

Whether you need us to help with dispute resolution, financial agreements, parenting orders or another aspect of family law, DTS Legal can be relied upon for meticulous attention to detail carried out by a group of true professionals.

We can provide you with information, advice, and detailed family law services so that you are fully supported and empowered as you take your next steps. DTS Legal provides realistic, pragmatic and affordable legal advice about your family law situation thanks to a senior team of great family lawyers.

To discuss your circumstances with one of DTS Legal’s experienced family lawyers Perth, we offer an initial 30 minute consultation for an introductory rate of $33 including GST. Let DTS Legal listen, advise and guide you through your family law issues by calling 9272 2799 today.

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