Employment Law

Employment Lawyers Perth - DTS Legal

DTS Legal provides expert support, services and advice across the spectrum of employment law, rights and workplace matters.

Our services include:

* Drafting employment agreements
* Disciplinary action and dismissals
* Discrimination and sexual harassment
* Dismissal litigation
* Workplace policies
* More.

Our experienced, highly specialised employment law team understands that getting the right advice in the area of employment and workplace relations is crucial for both employees and businesses of every size. Legislation is complex and ever-changing and compliance is a must, so it’s crucial that both businesses and workers have great protection.

DTS legal‘s expert employment law and workplace lawyers have a reputation for providing personalised, actionable representation and advice on a wide range of complex matters, including workplace investigations, recovering payments and more.

We understand how important businesses, employees and careers are to our clients, which is why we strive to master this dynamic, constantly evolving area of law for fast, effective, efficient and affordable advice and services.

Our expert advice to employers and employees includes:

* Award obligations
* Conflict resolution
* Employment advice
* Privacy issues
* Work health and safety
* Redundancy
* Unfair dismissal
* More.

Employment law can be complex and confusing, and your job and worker’s rights are among the most important aspects of your career, security and future. Legal issues and disputes can be complex, difficult and worrying, which is why the DTS Legal employment law team is standing by to handle your matter for the best possible outcome. Give them a call today on 9272 2799.