Debt Recovery Perth - DTS Legal

The debt recovery lawyers at DTS Legal can assist with getting your debts recovered easily and promptly from customers, suppliers and other businesses.

Our team debt recovery lawyers handle the entire process from start to finish, because we understand that clients want fast, simple support when it comes to maximising their recovery. Not receiving payments can be both frustrating and harmful, so rely on the team at DTS Legal to get what you and your business deserve.

We have has acted for a wide range of individuals, businesses and corporations, with our hands-on approach renowned for ensuring an efficient, professional and transparent service.

For business productivity and operations, closing unpaid accounts is a time-consuming, costly and crucial part of any enterprise. That’s why DTS Legal’s lawyers guarantee a personalised service with the highest level of detail for the best and most cost-effective outcomes.

Our efficient debt recovery services include:

* Letters of demand
* Default notices
* Preparation of claims
* Judgements against debtor
* Cost recovery clauses
* More.

DTS Legal’s skilled lawyers use their specialised experience to advise clients about the best strategy for recovering their debts, so that you can focus on what you’re best at. Our tactical know-how helps clients maximise cashflow, avoid insolvency, and end disputes.

There isn’t an area of debt recovery or associated fields we haven’t seen from the inside, so we’re completely at home with every legal process in WA and beyond. For more information about DTS Legal’s debt collection and insolvency services, or to arrange an initial 30 minute consultation for $33, call 9272 2799 today.

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