Commercial lawyers Perth – Do you really need one for your lease?

If you’re running a business and you’re not doing it from home, chances are you have one already or will need to sign one soon. We’re talking about a commercial lease. Sounds simple, right? Not quite. In fact, you may need to consider getting one of the best commercial lawyers Perth can offer on your side.

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Commercial lawyers Perth – Let’s explore:

What is it?

In business life, a commercial lease is a common contract – but that doesn’t mean it’s simple. In fact, some of the best commercial lawyers in Perth spend a lot of their time simply drafting and reviewing them – not to mention sorting out a myriad of disputes that arise.

Watch the language

Unless you know all about permitted use, tenancy mix, sub-leasing, default and breaches and all of the other commercial lease terminology, you might want to consider giving the commercial lawyer Perth businesses recommend a call.

Can I save the expense?

If it’s a simple, short-term commercial lease, you might just get away with skipping the full services of a commercial lawyer. But if it’s a 20 year lease for your big industrial business with complex issues like hazardous waste involved, trust us. Give the best commercial lawyer in Perth a call right now.

What if I just need it reviewed?

Although commercial lawyers can handle a commercial lease from top to bottom, you might just want some advice or get it reviewed. This will be less expensive, and you will have peace of mind that what you’re signing is all above board.

Remember, when a landlord and a tenant enter into an agreement for the use of commercial space, everything that governs that on paper is the commercial lease. So it’s a hugely important document that outlines rights, responsibilities, and all the nitty gritty of what will happen over the term.

It’s legally binding, so if you don’t fully understand what you’re signing, you could run into a seriously troubling maze of financial and legal trouble. If in doubt, call one of the commercial lawyers Perth businesses really trust and recommend, like the experts at DTS Legal so get in touch today for all of your legal needs or call us at +618 9272 2799