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The experienced team of Commercial Lawyers Perth at DTS Legal can provide cost-effective reviewing and drafting of commercial leases, and handle any disputes you may be having.

Our Commercial Lawyers Perth handle all of your commercial lease requirements, whether retail or commercial. Entering into a commercial lease is an important decision and a major responsibility, so it’s crucial that it has been negotiated, drafted or reviewed by specialist commercial lease lawyers.

The team at DTS can assist with negotiating your commercial lease, arranging the terms and costs, and even handling a breach of a lease by a tenant. Our skilful lawyers take a keen personal interest in commercial property matters, including the leases that support the businesses and investments made by our clients.

Disputes or mistakes over commercial leases can affect your income, disrupt your business, eat up costs and your time – and on top of all of that, it’s just plain complex and stressful. Here at DTS Legal, our aim is to simplify your life, give you the best advice and quickly and inexpensively solve your commercial lease disputes.

So whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, we can handle every aspect of your commercial lease matters, including:

* Negotiations
* Preparation of leases and documents
* Advice
* Legal compliance
* Resolution of lease disputes
* More.

At DTS Legal, our lawyers pride themselves on meeting the expectations of businesses and individuals by providing personalised solutions, clear advice and prompt, cost-effective service. For specialist advice or help with your commercial lease requirements, complete the Enquiry Form on this page or call today on 9272 2799.

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