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3 things you need to know about commercial property law

Buying or selling property under Australian property law is a different beast to comparable transactions in the purely residential sector. But how? That’s precisely where you need expert lawyers to weigh in and consider all of the aspects that are specific to commercial property law. Let’s explore how property law is distinct, and why you

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5 reasons why you need a great strata property lawyer in Perth

Let’s face it: sometimes even the experts find strata issues difficult. So if you’re struggling to get your head around those levies, by-laws and legislation, you should consider looking for the strata property lawyer Perth clients always trust. Why is strata property law complicated? Basically, a strata scheme means that multiple owners can all own

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Do you really need the best property lawyers Perth can offer?

Buying, selling and leasing – pretty straightforward, right? Many people certainly think so. But all too often, they go it alone with that level of confidence and eventually find themselves looking in the mirror saying “Where did I go wrong? Should I have got one of the best property lawyers Perth can offer before now?”

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