4 steps to finding the best divorce lawyers in Perth

It may be an unfortunate stat, but about half of all marriages in Australia end in divorce. “Unfortunate? What do you mean? Divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me!” That could be true, too. Either way, if you’ve separated and you’re heading towards divorce, you should be looking for a firm with the best divorce lawyers Perth can offer.

“We’ve separated, but we are going to have an amicable divorce!” This is something people say a lot, but even with the best intentions, it’s extremely unlikely that, when push comes to shove, everything really is completely friendly or totally simple.

Most married couples have shared houses, assets, bank accounts, debts, properties and custody. And when it comes to deciding what to do with it all, it’s very likely that arguments or disagreements will occur, or matters will just get too complex and difficult.

Divorce lawyers Perth – Choosing a great one

Divorce Lawyers Perth - DTS Legal

1. Ask around

One good thing about the sky-high divorce rates is that you’re very likely to know someone – or several people – who have been through a divorce. Ask them how they picked from the range of great divorce lawyers Perth can offer.

2. Check the web

If you’ve been recommended someone good, see for yourself if you think they really are among the best divorce lawyers in Perth. Start by visiting their website. Is it professional? Does it break down their experience in family law, as well as their qualifications?

3. Get a great divorce lawyer in Perth

No divorce is simple. In fact, most are pretty difficult, upsetting, emotional and complex. So you’ll need a Perth divorce lawyer who knows the issues and all the specific laws inside out – and someone who truly understands as well.

4. Tell your story

Once you’re sitting in that lawyer’s office, tell your story. The divorce lawyers Perth clients recommend don’t just have a great premises and good prices, they have friendly and understanding experts who are ready to hear your story and do the best for you.

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