Criminal lawyers Perth – why do you need one?

There are all sorts of reasons for needing one, and all sorts of people who seek them out. We’re talking about criminal lawyers, and the fact that every single day, all across Australia, people of all walks of life find themselves needing the best criminal lawyers Perth can offer.

It’s scary stuff to be charged with an offense and told when you’ll be facing a judge. It could be anything from a simple traffic offense to the need for a restraining order. Maybe you’re charged with assault or you just need help with sentencing mitigation.

No matter the reason, we understand what you need from the sort of criminal lawyers Perth citizens turn to in their hour of need.

Yes, you can represent yourself if you really want to. But are you sure you have the knowledge and confidence to swim the murky waters of the court system?

Criminal lawyers Perth - DTS Legal

Why you need the best criminal lawyers Perth can offer:

1. It’s serious

If you’re being charged with a criminal offense, you can’t afford to take it lightly. Breaking the law is serious and a conviction can have serious consequences.

2. Understanding the charges

You may think you understand what you’ve been charged with, but the best Perth criminal lawyers simply know more than you do. What prosecutors or police are alleging can be more confusing than you think. And they also know the ramifications of a conviction better than you do.

3. Advice

It’s your responsibility to answer the charges, and your right to plead the way you want to some or all of the charges. A lawyer must do what you tell them, but the criminal lawyers Perth citizens really can trust will give you the best advice, present all the options and explain the full consequences.

4. Analyse the evidence

To prove the case against you, the prosecution will present evidence. Perth criminal lawyers really worth their salt will access what they need, analyse it perfectly, and let you know what the best next step is.

5. Prepare the case

Whether you plead guilty or not, you are still required in court. A skilled criminal lawyer Perth clients can trust will put together all the supporting material, prepare witnesses and character references, and get you ready if you take the stand.

6. Appear in court

When that hearing date rolls around, your criminal lawyer in Perth will be right on your shoulder, steering this important ship for you. They can speak for you, explain your plea, present documents, question witnesses and argue for appropriate penalties if necessary.

In other words, the criminal lawyers Perth people turn to when they really need some solid backing are worth their weight in gold. DTS Legal provides expert advice and assistance on all sorts of criminal matters, so get in touch today for all of your legal needs or call us at +618 9272 2799