3 things you need to know about commercial property law

Buying or selling property under Australian property law is a different beast to comparable transactions in the purely residential sector.

But how? That’s precisely where you need expert lawyers to weigh in and consider all of the aspects that are specific to commercial property law.

Property law

Let’s explore how property law is distinct, and why you should consider expert and highly experienced legal advice in the areas of:

* Property transactions
* Commercial tenancy retail shop agreements
* Commercial leases
* Commercial real estate
* Entering into a commercial lease
* And more!

1. Conveyancing

When it comes to commercial property interests versus residential ones, the conveyancing process is actually similar.

But the contract terms will almost certainly be more complex, with more paperwork and documents to go through. It’s where specialised property law legal services should definitely be considered.

2. Due diligence

Yes, you’ll always need to do your due diligence, whether you’re with a group of property developers of just an individual real estate buyer.

But in commercial Australian property law, you need to ensure your due diligence process is highly tailored to:

* The property in question
* And the respective parties’ circumstances.

3. Contract

When it comes to the Property Law Act, the contract is the main document that governs the property transactions.

For commercial property law transactions, the contract can often be far from standard. It will be the result of negotiations between the various sides rather than a cookie cutter-style document.

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