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Wills, Estate Planning & Probate, Advance Health Directive

By having a valid and legal Will in place, you are ensuring your estate is correctly distributed between your loved ones in accordance with your wishes and reducing the likelihood of an estate dispute. At DTS Legal, our lawyers can assist in professionally preparing a Will or amending an existing Will, ensuring it is valid for WA State requirements and that there is no room for uncertainty.

We understand the sensitive task of dealing with a deceased estate. Our lawyers can assist in minimising conflict and confusion during the grieving process, by guiding you through the legal process of handling a deceased estate and reducing the possibility of potential Will disputes.

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of Probate Law, guiding families through applications for a Grant of Probate, or if no will exists, applications for Letters of Administration. We pride ourselves on providing professional and personalised legal advice during the process to minimise stress for all concerned, and provide options for you to make sensible, informed decisions. Our lawyers look to minimise cost and emotional conflict for your family by aiming to promptly settle any possible Will disputes and avoid further legal proceedings.

Our lawyers also have comprehensive experience in preparing Powers of Attorney and Guardianship. This ensures that if an individual becomes incapable of managing their affairs by themselves, their financial and legal affairs as well as health and welfare are still handled in their best interests by the appointed people.

We assist also with Advance Health Directives for those who have special health directions they want complied with.

At DTS Legal, we are committed to providing tailored support to Perth families during the process of Probate and Estate Administration. Allow our lawyers to understand how we can assist you by calling (08) 9272 2799 for a 15 minute consultation at no cost.

Simple Wills are priced from $125.00.

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