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Our People


David Taylor
Principal – BA, BEd, LLB

David started his legal career in 1996. He established his own practice, David Taylor Solicitors, in 1999, in Midland.

In 2008, David shifted his offices to Maylands.

David has provided assistance in dealing with statutory demands; the Australian Taxation Office; Strata Company issues; leases; franchises; Wills and probate; and litigation generally, especially in relation to property and money.

David has been the chairman of the Settlements Agents Supervisory Board, a director of ERBEAC Inc. (Eastern Region Business Enterprise and Arts Centre Inc.), a member of various chambers of commerce and business associations and the Board of Morrison Lodge. David is currently a member of the Maylands Business Association.



Dr Rateb (Robbie) Jneid

Dr Jneid, our Islamic consultant, is currently President of the Islamic Council of WA (ICWA*), Chairman of the Halal Committee of WA and Chairman for the Langford Islamic College. He has been active with charity organisations nationally and internationally.

Rateb has obtained a Doctorate of Business Administration, Bachelor of Laws, Master of Business, Masters of Education and Leadership & Management, Graduate Certificate in Business Law and Diploma of Islamic Study & Education.

As a prominent member of the Islamic community, Rateb has promoted and helped maintain unity and friendship amongst Muslims and other communities both within Western Australia and interstate. Throughout his time he has been actively involved with the peak Islamic body in Australia and the Australian Federation Islamic Council for the purpose of promoting appropriate cultural understandings across Australia and also to improve the business acumen and cultural understandings of some Islamic associations.

Rateb has also been actively involved in dialogue with Western Australian authorities at times when there has been significant cultural misunderstandings.

*The Islamic Council of WA (ICWA) is the peak representative body for Muslims in WA. The Council’s aim is to ensure the progress and welfare in the spiritual, moral and social life of the Muslim community in Perth.




Kay Heald

Kay has been employed by David Taylor for 15 years.

She manages all trust accounting and other accounting records.

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