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Debt Recovery

DTS Legal provides debt collection and insolvency advice and strategies, serving small to medium enterprises in Western Australia. We understand the importance of closing unpaid accounts and aim to promptly recover any debts, without impacting the productivity and performance of your business operations.

We offer a range of services to quickly move to recover any debts, for both individuals and corporations. Our lawyers exercise the highest level of detail and commensurate with the problem and utilise tailored processes to ensure the best debt collection outcome. We aim to make the process of debt recovery cost effective and efficient, providing frequent communication to keep you informed of the status of the debt recovery action.

DTS Legal can provide advice and action for:

  • Drafting letters of demand with claims covering the costs of legal proceedings.
  • Preparing a Claim, demanding payment or defending a matter.
  • Entering Judgements against the debtor.
  • Drafting cost recovery clauses.

To further understand how DTS Legal can assist you with debt recovery and insolvency advice, call our lawyers on (08) 9272 2799 and have your initial consultation of 30 minutes for $33.00 (inc GST).

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